Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Has your Idea got legs?

Has it really though?

When I hear people asking writers this question, it usually that suggests the idea is underdeveloped. However, when I hear writers asking me this question... it suggests they should run. Like hell.

Has it got legs? 

The idea is just an idea. The question is, have you, as the writer, got the will power and ‘legs’ to see it through? There is no such thing as a bad idea...

Okay, allow me to be more accurate. 

In the world of writing, there are very few bad ideas. Figuring out if your idea has legs requires a lot of back and forth between the writer and the idea. 
You need to figure out, whether your idea is enough for a film, a television series or a short? Or would it work better as a scene of something?

I have read a lot of scripts that are entertaining, despite having a very simple premise. Often, one bad idea launches an entire film, like when a family member suggests a road trip. We all know where this leads, yes we do. Or when that goon says, ‘come on, one last job. How hard can it be?’ And let’s be honest now, when you have pins and needles, but stubbornly believe you’ll make it down the stairs just fine...

My point is the writer is the only person who knows how much they are committed to their idea. How far are you willing to take the idea? Essentially, it’s a matter of finding how and where an idea works. 

All ideas can have legs; writers just have to dream them up.

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